A Wine Tour of the Long Island Vineyards

I had a super fun weekend. 

As part of a tradition started by my mom and our Point Lookout cousins, 16 crazy ladies and I headed out East to pretend it's still summer. This tradition started as an all-girl fishing trip on the Super Hawk out of Point Lookout in, maybe, 2007 or so that we lovingly dubbed Fishin' Chix. It was an excellent opportunity for purposefully drinking beers on a boat while Karen flirted with the captain. But after a few too many ladies turning green, we decided to trade in our sea legs for stemware. 

This year, we celebrated our 3rd Annual Sippin' Chix event. We've upgraded from one afternoon to a sleepover weekend and moved a little farther out on the island for a North Fork wine tour. We were all looking forward to this weekend for weeks - and no one more than cousin Rory, who basically put the whole thing together. It isn't easy wrangling 17 ladies. We settled on a date in November to give my sister time to train for & run her first Marathon.

Sippin' Chix has become a celebration of Mom as well as a time to showcase each of our unique talents: from showtunes to snoring, and step-dancing to s'moring. This year, we cut down from three wineries to two. Our perennial favorite Pugliese was on the docket again, which has a soft spot in our hearts for it's Dolce Patricia. This year, we also tried one we haven't been to before: Castello Di Borghese

We started the day with Tante's sandwiches at Aunt Sissy's house in Westhampton Beach and filed into the lovely little party bus from Sunny Limos around 1 to head to the first winery. The woman who guided our tasting at Borghese is probably the most in-depth, educational guide we've had at any winery yet. And their outdoor area was lovely - if only we were able to last longer than 15 minutes with the wind! 

Our second stop was Pugliese, where Colleen had called ahead and ordered each of us a souvenir bottle personalized with "2015 Sippin' Chix." It was such a wonderful gift! We were a little disappointed that they had taken their outdoor tent down, but still had a nice time inside. After a day full of mixing wines, we headed back to the house for the real, secret fun to begin.

As I remember it, dinner simply appeared amidst Build Me Up Buttercups and Take The Load Off Fannys. It was warm enough for some of us around the Fire Pit where we enjoyed s'mores before heading inside to sing Happy Birthday to Beans &co. Following dinner: a show. Act 1 involved a retro-inspired dance party. Act 2, a broadway-caliber medley of Newsies, Aladdin, Little Mermaid, & Little Shop of Horrors with interpretive dancing and solos. Act 3 saw tears induced by Stevie Nicks and Indigo Girls. 

Beds (or loveseats, or floors) were found. And in the morning, egg sandwiches & recaps as stragglers wandered into the kitchen.

Lovely souvenir!

Sippin' Chix isn't just a time to celebrate our own Sweet Patricia, it's a celebration of each of the women who loved her. The crowd is a little different every year, but the sentiment is the same.

Celebrating women who cook, women who teach, women who drive four hours just to be with us, women who bake and create, women who DJ, women who travel, women who dance, women who couldn't be with us, 

and women who snore.