My October 2015 in Instagram!

I was never very good at Instagramming. But with the start of the blog, I thought I'd try to use it regularly. 

Here's what I've Insta'd in spooky October!

Rockefeller State Park

The day after our cousin's wedding in Westchester, my sisters and a few of my cousins and I took a walk around Rockefeller State Park. Lovely hangover cure. 

Pleasantville, NY

Incredible Skies

What's Instagram without a sunset? 

Point Lookout, Ny

Locust Valley, NY

Point Lookout , NY

As Seen on Mona's Walks

The world's best-looking dog lives the life in Point Lookout: we get to see trees with eyes & lavender skies on our walks around town. 

Oyster Fest

Joe and I after a 45 minute wait for a turkey leg & the big duck at the Oyster Festival

Pretty Packaging & Typography

Cool old sign I saw at the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum & packaging that made it impossible for me not to buy salami!

Point Lookout Haunts

Pumpkin Beer at The Buoy Bar & one of several visits to Salt Air Café for breakfast (the most delicious sausage hash!).

The Clean-Out Has Begun

Since our childhood home has sold, we are beginning the process of moving/tossing/donating furniture and household goods. Things from one house have to move to the other, and some things are moving across the country! Dad came by on a beautiful day to get started on the garage clean-out. Baby steps.

Go Karting on a Weekday Afternoon

We had the Super G track all to ourselves at Pole Position Raceway on a lucky Monday when Joe and I both had off.

Halloweeny 2014 & 2015

Rosie & Melanie

Visits to Friends' Businesses

Phoebe Buffay, the canine proprietor of MADE Art Studio in Mamaroneck, NY and a pair of subtly punk rock onesies at Nellie & Bean Mercantile in Verona, NJ. 

What Insta Missed

Like I said, I'm only just starting to use Instagram regularly. So, I forgot to take my phone out & post a bunch of times! Moments of note that didn't make the cut this month:

  • My cousin's gorgeous wedding in Westchester
  • Getting my new phone finally & joining the rest of civilization
  • Our Oktoberfest party 
  • Me visiting urgent care for what they think was a kidney stone that had turned to gravel (TMI?)
  • Joe's baking adventure
  • My amazing sister finishing her first marathon! (Actually Nov 1, deal with it)
NYC Marathon

NYC Marathon

Way to go, Caroline - so proud of you!


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