A Mini Move & Thanksgiving Plans

Figure 1: Detail of Thanksgiving 2015 Spreadsheet

As I may have mentioned before, Thanksgiving this year is at our house. I've been planning a bit (see Fig. 1). At the same time, our childhood home has finally sold and my dad is moving across the country. So, this week, I'm quite busy.

Since the other house is sold, I wanted to switch all the cookware from that house to Point Lookout. For one thing, this is a beach house. So, all the cookware and most of the furniture is second rate/old/has lived a full life. For another thing, when we finished renovating the kitchen my mom wasn't around anymore, and things never found their right place in the cabinets - everything was haphazard and impossible to find. For a final thing, this kitchen is supposed to host Thanksgiving for 30+ people! I can't have bowling balls falling out when I open the cabinets. 

So, after a lovely end to last week with a super fun birthday party in Brooklyn with wonderful people, this crazy week has begun (photos of questionable quality included where applicable).

Thanksgiving Week Rundown:


I spent all day Sunday making a huge mess. Really, a gigantic mess. Every single thing was taken out of every single cabinet/drawer in TWO kitchens half an hour away from one another. I purged a bunch. There was so much mismatched Tupperware and orphaned dishes from guests of previous parties and old, battered cutting boards or broken platters. Joseph and I packed the car to the gills! It was a really long day. 


Very thankful to be off work. Another long day! My Aunt Helen came over and we put things away and judiciously pared down for hours. Cousin Rory came over with an extra table, so the tables are set now. Monday also included an oven scare - which included some panicky outlet resets. All's quiet now as I write this, though.


Because the best time to do a major furniture swap is two days before hosting 30 people, movers are coming from Sands Point to perform a magical furniture switch (the sofas down here are headed to CA and being replaced with sofas from the sold house).  After work Grocery trip with the Joseph planned - just need a few essentials. THEN my brother and sister get in from San Francisco, wahoo!


Working a full day Wednesday, but I've conscripted my newly-Californian sister to pick up the fresh 20-lb bird. At some point, the two most beautiful girls in the world (cousins!) are coming with the stuffing from New Jersey & my Manhattanite sister is headed out to put the bird in a brine bath. Then we're thinking of heading to the Buoy Bar to see local band the Piping PLOvers. Sleepover!


Cpl Brown arrives from Fort Bragg! The most exciting. Thanksgiving day: millions of people come over, so much Tryptophan, and tons of fun.   


Found this cookie cutter in the mess. Any idea what it's supposed/used to be?

Back to work :( Leftovers! The official move day from the Sands Point house to Point Lookout is a week from today. So this weekend I need to get to Sands Point, talk to my siblings, figure out where everything is going, measure furniture & mark it for the movers. I need to make sure whatever it is that we're not taking finds a good home whether with aunts or cousins or that it is donated appropriately. 


Another day of work. Sad, but it's Small Business Saturday, so hopefully we'll be a little busier than usual. Tom Brown leaves the next day, also sad. 

All of this Thanksgiving/moving/organizing hubbub has really been cutting into my Fallout 4 time.