My November 2015 in Instagram!

This was a whirlwind month. The moving from one house to the other and the hosting of holidays really made time fly by.

To carry on with my monthly Instagram Roundup idea, here's what Insta saw in November:

More Incredible Skies

I don't think I'll ever be able to go a month without photographing the sky. I realize that's cheesy. I can't help it - I like all kinds of clouds at all times of day. Plus, New York's greatest sunset ever (probably)! Everyone was freaking out about the sunset that evening, which was the night I was in Sand Point cleaning out the kitchen to do my swap

Sunset would've been better if I was able to catch it at the beach, but I happened to be in Port Washington behind the trees for the purple sky

Spooky North Shore Clouds

Partly Cloudy Morning on the South Shore

The Many Walks of Mona Brown

We have been incredibly lucky with the weather this month. Mona's walks have generally been very pleasant since it's been so mild. I've barely needed a coat until this week! On Instagram, you can see the video of Mona playing in the water. She's pretty cute. 

Front Yard Portrait

No tights November!

Off-Leash Paradise

She's not usually this patient when waiting for her morning walks 

Selfies Galore

Maybe too many? 

Thanksgiving - resting between helpings!

Showcasing crazyeyes & silly mugs

New haircut & super pale!

More Thanksgiving selfies - thankful for old (young) friends

Around Town in Point Lookout

From Salt Air Cafe to trying out new (to me) recipes, and walks to Bayside or the Beach.

Joseph enjoying an outdoor breakfast at Salt Air

Some windy morning patriotism

Walking to the Buoy with sister & cousins!

Chicken Cutlet Adventures

Beach days in autumn

Visits & Adventures

I ventured out a few times this month! Despite feeling like I was inside organizing kitchens and furniture the whole month, there seems to be some photo evidence of good times. I attended a ladies-only wine tour, visited the cemetery with my aunt, headed into two of the boroughs for birthdays, and saw a friend's band play in a local bar on the eve of Thanksgiving!

Chilly Sippin' Chix wine tour

St. Charles/Resurrection - bringing gifts to Mom

Birthday party in Brooklyn - Happy Birthday Jake! Thank you for having us over :)

S'mores for Val's bday in DownTownUTica 

The Piping PLOvers live at the Buoy Bar on Big Wednesday

What Insta Missed

  • Thanksgiving prep & all the cooking
  • All the time spent moving & planning the move out of Sands Point
  • Cpl Tom Brown's Homecoming for the holiday & birthday celebration!

Stay tuned for the Gift Guides kick-off later this week!