Bday Day

Tomorrow I'll be turning 31, and since he'll be in Massachusetts at a race next weekend, Joe wanted to celebrate this past weekend. He declared Sunday "B's Birthday Day: a day to do whatever B wants!"

We got moving early to drive to the city to attend MoMA member hour and wandered through the galleries until lunchtime. There was a super interesting exhibit of Jacob Lawrence's series chronicling the Great Migration during the war as well as other works of the time including a musical gallery with songs by Lead Belly, Duke Ellington, and Billie Holiday, et al. We also visited the Yoko Ono exhibit, which was entirely different than the previous gallery. Ono's was wittier, more conceptual, and more interactive. We listened to her music in the audio room, watched a performance of "Bag Piece," walked on "Painting to Be Stepped On," and touched one another in "Touch Poem for a Group of People." Across from the Touch Poem, they were projecting a video of Ono's iconic "Cut Piece," in which members of the audience were asked to use scissors to cut away pieces the suit she was wearing:

After MoMA, we had a lovely lunch at a touristy, old-fashioned Italian place while Frank Sinatra played and then headed to Queens for Craft Club! 

Bead and Blade started early this year and has an event once every month or two. I've been to each event so far, but this is the first time Joe came with me. I was excited to have him join me and I thought this Block Printing event was the perfect activity for his first time - fun and only as simple or complicated as you make it. Plus, the group of people who attend and the women who run the club are amazing! Joe ended up making a super cute traffic cone stamp and had a little experiment mixing inks to make his favorite color. I made a stamp with a landmark from my favorite place in the universe: Point Lookout, NY. The landmark is the Pavilion (or as I call it, the A's), which is where I spent my birthday last year when my sister and cousin threw me a surprise Springsteen-themed 30th birthday.

Taken one year ago on my 30th birthday - Erin & Aileen threw me a surprise Springsteen-themed party at the As!

Taken one year ago on my 30th birthday - Erin & Aileen threw me a surprise Springsteen-themed party at the As!

We finished my Bday Day with dinner on the roof of MP Taverna in Roslyn. The meal was superb, and so was my company. Tomorrow we'll have a dinner with my Dad and sisters in the city, and I will have had a completely wonderful birthday.

What is your favorite way to celebrate your birthday?