What Do I Do?

Up until a few months ago, I worked in fundraising - in the Development office of one of the largest human services organizations in New York. Nonprofits are interesting places. The mission is wonderful, and every now and then you get to see, organize, or be a part of amazing outcomes. I've heard that the average turnover rate for Development Associates is 2 years. I lasted nearly 3 years. To be cliché, nonprofit employees are underpaid and overworked.

My particular agency had some unfortunate changes in management and was steadily losing about three quarters of the Development Dep't. Being under-appreciated and under-compensated for so long - not to mention the nearly impenetrable bureaucracy - was damaging my sunny disposition. But when I finally left, I felt light as air.


At my nonprofit, I had worked as a special events coordinator and as a manager of volunteer initiatives. But when I left, I went in a completely different direction. My ultimate goal is to own my business offering design services. So, I took a job as an assistant to two upscale Long Island Interior Designers. 

I've studied English, Art, and Interior Design. I've worked with children, with the disabled, at event planning, and for the nonprofit. And now I finally feel like I'm headed in the right direction. I'm learning so much! The only problem is seeing it all happening around me makes me want to just go do it on my own already.

I'm not sure how this fits in with our upcoming Big Move, but by the time we move, I will have been at this job for nearly a year and I think the experience will be invaluable.