The Writing on the Walls

I only officially moved in to this apartment with Joe this year, but we've made it into a cute little home. I always have plans to improve things, and living spaces are always evolving. We're leaving next month to live in my Dad's house to take care of the family dog until we leave for Ireland while my Dad travels the world and my sister moves to California. So, I won't be getting the chance to upgrade this apartment. 

One of the first things I did when we moved in was hang art on the walls. In preparation for the move, we'll be selling most of the furniture/big electronics to friends or on Craigslist. But the art and photos are some of the few things we'll be keeping in storage while we're away. The slideshow above shows the pieces we have around the apartment. Mostly, they're things I've collected - Joe's contribution to the wall decor is his Dyson and a few well-earned trophies!

  1. The painting over the couch was free, so I painted the frame white and picked a quote from a Seamus Heaney poem to inspire small acts of courage in me.
  2. The white brontosaurus planter, double hanging planter, and mobile were all projects from previous craft club events.
  3. The (unfortunately) frameless painting by the door was a gift from the previous ED of the organization where I used to work - it is called "The Stroll" by David Humphrey.
  4. My Mom had given me the two travel posters by the dining room table. The New Yorker cover was hanging in my parents apartment when they were first married and the Ireland ad was a Christmas gift about 6 years ago.
  5. The Kent Theatre image was a gift from my aunt probably over a decade ago. Most of my family is from Brooklyn and we're all suckers for Bklyn paraphernalia.
  6. In the kitchen, I have hanging a spooky photo of two nuns in Manhattan that my old boss gave to me and another (unframed) painting of ocean waves, which was painted by my late, Great Aunt Eileen. 

I don't have much going on in the bedroom or the bathroom. I do have a tea towel of Billy Shakes on the wall in the bathroom directly across from the toilet - an endlessly funny (for me!) but off-putting surprise (for others!). And in the bedroom, a red metal letter C for me and J for him. Gifts I only recently received from my Aunt Sissy for my 31st birthday. :)

I'll miss this apartment and the opportunity to see it to it's full potential. Most of our furniture is a hand-me-down, Ikea, Craigslist mishmash, but It'll be hard leaving because it's the first place we've started making into a home. And once we leave, we don't know quite what "home" will look like for a while!