Graphic Design AAS Acceptance

This was going to be another post about moving. Joe and I have been clearing out the apt and all that's really left is to sell the furniture that we're not bringing with us to Point Lookout. But then I got an important email...

I had applied this summer to Parsons The New School for a Graphic Design associate degree program. This week, I received my acceptance letter for the Fall 2015 semester.

That's an exciting thing - I'm happy about it. But, I'm not sure if I should do it. It's an expensive program, and I'm not sure that the money wouldn't be better used for the Big Move or traveling expenses. 

I'm also not sure if moving abroad would affect my registration with the school. Plus, I have to reach out to them to see if I qualify to Fast Track the program, meaning I could complete the degree in 2 semesters with transferred credits. 

Since this is for the Fall 2015 semester, I need to decide fast. I'm not sure what to do! Give me advice! Please and thank you.