The little move to the Beach House

Our (seemingly ever-changing) plan is to move into my Dad's unoccupied house for 6 months and to move to Ireland from there around Feb 2016. 

Presently, the apt looks super sad:

Our first step is the purging of most of our stuff for the little move to Point Lookout. We've already sold the two TVs, the sofa, and some of Joe's racing equipment from the shed. Joe left on Wednesday to drive out to Lincoln, NE for Nationals (I'm joining him next week), so I'm going to do my best to move the rest of what needs to go to the beach house so we can sell/toss the remainder when we get back from Lincoln.

Point Lookout is my favorite place in the universe - it's a small, 11-street, 1-stop light town at the east end of the barrier island on Nassau County's south shore. It was once almost exclusively a summer community, but now most of the homes are winterized and many families stay year-round. My family has been going to Pt. Lookout for years - Mom went into labor with me while my parents were driving down to the beach from Brooklyn. By virtue of it being a summer house, all the furniture and clothes in our house in Point has always been a mishmash of styles, quality, and sizes. Now that Dad is selling the home we grew up in, the beach house is even more confusing since it's filling up with furniture and memories from the other house.

Our second step requires relocating to this disaster:

Over the next few months, I plan on taking on a few projects around the beach house. I'd like to reorganize the kitchen, which was being renovated while my mom was sick, so it was never quite restocked correctly. I'll have to rearrange my own bedroom, where Joe and I will be staying, since it's filled with junk and hand-me-down/relocated furniture from various points in my life. Plus, the Port Washington house will inevitably sell, and I'll need to figure out what to do with all that stuff in the coming months!

But at least we get to hang out with this girl for a while: