My Favorite Mona

I don't know who your favorite Mona is (the world has many options), but mine is 8 years old and a real challenge on a leash. 

Her story goes like this:

One day, as a Super Senior after all my friends had graduated, I found a 4-month old puppy on to be my friend. They were calling her Serena, but I changed her name to Muadhnait (anglicized to Mona), which means Little Noble One and doesn't fit on dog tag too easily. 

Because of poor spay/neuter laws, lower demand, and other factors, many stray dogs are moved from the South to the Northeast, where there is more of a demand for shelter dogs. Mona was one of these dogs - a Southern Belle. She came from Kentucky to Massachusetts, and I adopted her while living in Providence, RI.

Mona's Petfinder photo! They were calling her "Serena."

Mona's Petfinder photo! They were calling her "Serena."

She and I eventually moved back into my parent's house and my mom said Mona gave our grumpy old family dog, Reilly, a few extra good years. When I moved to Brooklyn, Mona stayed behind as the family dog - living the life of Reilly with free reign in a big back yard. 

Now, with the mini-diaspora that is my family, she's back to being mine. And since we're in the beach house, she is getting regular walks. She is crazy for walks; she is also bad on leash. It's a real challenge. The Little Noble One really does think she's the Queen and is not afraid to try to prove that to all the other dogs we see.

Point Lookout also has a pretty bad feral cat problem, which makes for entertaining walks. We were stalked the other day by a real mean-looking cat for half a block. Mona was super interested in him until he taught her a lesson she's probably already forgotten. 

Since Joe and I were both off on Wednesday, we practiced with the new camera on one of our walks to the beach. It's a lot of photos because it's hard to edit them down when the subjects are so amazing!

Living the life.