Clumsily Learning: DSLR

I've always wanted to get into photography, but never pulled the trigger for various reasons... lack of confidence, lack of budget, etc. But for my birthday, I treated myself to a Nikon D3300. Joe and I did a bit of research, and considered briefly a mirrorless camera, but I decided in the end that I wanted a traditional DSLR with viewfinder and all. I'm really excited! And really clueless. 

I've been reading all kinds of beginner DSLR articles:

I'm thinking I might take a little course ala Craftsy's Basics of Digital Photography but first I felt like fooling around some. So, I'm taking it on a trip! Joe and I have fooled around a teensy bit at home with it (see photos below), but I'm going to bring the camera with me to Nebraska to document our trip to Nationals (or at least my leg of the trip - he's already been there for a week). Hopefully I'll have time to actually use it and practice. Plus, there should be a bunch of people there with their own cameras from whom I can glean advice and expertise. 

Clumsy, embarrassing, fooling-around-with-the-camera-and-lenses photos:

Like I said: