A Return to Civilization: From the Amazon Fire Phone to the iPhone 6S

I am clumsy. Unrelatedly, I had to spend this summer with an Amazon Fire Phone

One day a few months ago, Amazon had a fire sale (har har), with an out-of-contract Fire phone and a free year of Prime for $160. This deal came right around the time my previous phone took a bath.

The Dynamic Perspective was pretty fun - the lock screen shuffled through cute 3D scenes. My favorite was probably the astronaut landing on the moon, finding a kraken-like monster, and making it back to his pod just in time to take off. The Firefly was a one-trick pony. Mayday was some weirdly personal customer service, but I kind of liked using it. Joe got rid of the Carousel for me and I used the Google Now Launcher, which was way better but so slow. I kind of miss the swipe keyboard, though Joe keeps saying I can get it on the iPhone, too. But mostly I hate the fire phone so much. So buggy and so laggy and so hard to like. 

It's been a tough, contact-less summer. There's a reason they stopped selling it. But the fall is looking rosier! On Friday, I got my new phone and it makes life so much easier. Also, prettier: I, uncharacteristically, got the rose gold one (sorry).

Look how happy it makes me!

Joseph took some lovely photos of the unboxing, including a side-by-side with the Fire Phone in it's sad, sad state. 

One million times better than Fire! I love Live Photos!

Also this weekend, I went to my cousin's wedding and it was so beautiful and they had a Bruce Springsteen cover band from the Shore who were amazing and I had so much fun. Congrats Meagan & John!