Timeline for Travel: Planning a European Tour Before Moving to Ireland

Last week, I shared the itinerary of our drive up the California coast. Today - to hopefully answer some questions - I wanted to share our general timeline for the move. We're not 100% sure when we'll end up in Ireland. But our plan includes some European traveling before we land at our ultimate destination. 

New Year's Day is beginning to seem like a distant memory. But, in the new year, I'm focusing on finishing up my paperwork to claim my Irish citizenship. We'll start looking for work, as well, amidst all of this. We are lucky enough to have a place to stay when we first arrive, but our permanent residence will be determined by wherever our potential jobs may be!

Our February is booked pretty thoroughly. The two big trips are to sunny Florida and California to visit our families. The month will be bookended by smaller weekend trips to DC & upstate NY with friends. 

Then in March (hopefully) the European traveling will commence. I've never been to continental Europe, and Joe has never been to Europe at all! He's most looking forward to Germany and the Nurburgring, and I'm most looking forward to dragging him to a million museums!

We're still trying to plan the European journey: figuring out the most cost-effective route, the most important cities to hit, the best hotel scheme (should we make an Airbnb home base for a few weeks at a time, or bounce around a bit more?). In any case, we plan to travel through March & April. Of course, in June, we already have a trip to Le Mans planned. 

A couple of excited kids!

An incomplete wishlist of places to visit & things to do:

  1. Explore Gaudí in Barcelona
  2. See the fairytale (nsfw language!) that is Bruges
  3. Visit the home of Ferrari: Maranello
  4. Climb the Spanish Steps in Rome
  5. Visit the world's oldest zoo in Vienna
  6. See Prague Castle
  7. Drive the Nurburgring
  8. Have some goulash in Budapest

We're both really excited to take this show on the road, but planning (and, specifically, the precious little time we have to work on it) is not all that easy. Not to mention the stress of not quite knowing where we'll land when this amazing trip is said and done. 

What are some must-sees in Europe?