Around the Corner: Valentine's Day Gift Ideas!

Last year for Valentine's Day, I got Joe a sweet graphic novel called Soppy about a couple moving in together by Philippa Rice. And Joe took me to Crown Heights Brooklyn to Tom's, a diner right up my alley, and then to The Way Station, a Doctor Who-themed bar (complete with Tardis!). 

And I searched my archives to find this gem! The 2013 Valentine I made for Joe when we had just became friends. (We had only met the October before). I was too nervous to give it to him, so I addressed it to the entire IT dep't in our office. But that worked out well because everyone in IT loved me from then on. :D

This year, we are not doing anything since we're saving for European travels! But, Valentine's Day is around the corner! So, for those of you celebrating, I've compiled a list of some lovely gift ideas for the loves in your life.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

  1. Go together like Milk & Cookies cookies
  2. Grow together with an Heirloom Edible Flower Seed Kit
  3. Keep a secret message close to your heart in this Brass Ball Locket
  4. Leave a message with Lil' Mib voice recorder mailbox
  1. Read your future together with this Tea Leaf Reading Kit
  2. Track your journey together with a Scratch Off Map
  3. Memorialize your other loves with a bespoke Carvolution print
  4. Commemorate "your song" with a Personalized Poster
  1. Sing in the rain with a Heart Shaped Umbrella
  2. Be weird together with a custom Portrait Planter Sculpture
  3. Scratch your initials into a tree (CB+JO = 4EVR) with a Brass Bark Bracelet
  4. Give the reasons why you love them with a Custom Reasons card

Disclosure: Links to Amazon are affiliate links, which means if you end up buying from Amazon I could earn some pocket money at zero cost to you! 

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?