Have You Ever Taken a Personality Test?

Have you ever taken a Myers-Briggs-based personality test? 

There are several different theories of personality, but most are based on the work of Carl Jung and the Myers-Briggs test (which itself also uses Jungian theories). Most of the results and descriptions can suffer from the Barnum effect, of course, but it's still tons of fun to take them. Especially when you can really see yourself in the descriptions!

My friend Heidi loves this stuff. She has an arsenal of personality quizzes of all kinds and loves analyzing the results of the people she knows. It's been a perfect source of distraction during hours-long drives to racing events! (Thanks Heidi!)

My favorite is 16Personalities, which is rooted in the Jung/Myers-Briggs personality theory. It's my favorite mainly because of the cute illustrations, but also because of their seemingly spot-on, super-thorough personality descriptions. This site categorizes the 16 personality combinations by 4 "roles": Analysts, Sentinels, Diplomats, and Explorers. 

Every test that I've ever taken based on Jung/Myers-Briggs results in INFP, which indicates I'm a sensitive dreamer who gets lost in thought. The description on this site is so totally me, I can barely stand it! Joe's results on 16Personalities was ENTJ, which indicates he's a strong-willed (though impatient) strategic thinker. I'm a "Mediator" & Joe is a "Commander":  

Another test (which is still in beta) is TypeInMind - also based on the work of Jung. But, their results focus on the functions of the personality types rather than what makes up the types. In this test, I unsurprisingly got the function FiNeSiTe, which corresponds to the INFP type. You can take this test here with the password "personality."

There's also no shortage of personality type books to peruse. Though, I haven't quite gone that far yet. 

What's your personality type? Does the description hit the mark for you?