My December 2015 in Instagram!

What a strange December!

It took a while to get into the Christmas spirit this year. Not least of all because of the weather (it was up to 70 degrees some days!). I was debating whether or not I should get a tree this year, since it was just me and Joe here for 95% of the month, but we did end up getting a small, fake tree. I spent so much time making gift guides for him and her and kids for the blog that I barely had time to buy gifts for my list. And I think I listened to Christmas music only like two days this year!

Still, I ended up having a lovely Christmas with the whole family in from San Francisco, Manhattan, and North Carolina. 

Here's what Insta saw in December:

Christmas (just) Past

Joe and I decorated the house all on our own this year, which was quite the feat, and we had a busy, wonderful holiday with our families. We spent Christmas Eve in Brooklyn: dinner at my Aunt Jackie's and dessert at his Aunt Claudia's. And Christmas Day we had a lovely brunch in Merrick with his family and dinner in Point Lookout with mine. 

What a bunch of Christmas cuties! #hohoho

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Merry traffic! #hohoho #brooklyn #beltparkway #merrychristmas 🎄🎅🏻

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Around Point Lookout

Some beach town things.

Point Lookout today! #pointlookoutny #christmastime #firedepartment #pllfd

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Cheesy Quotes

I tried a new thing this month: making images of quotes for sharing on Instagram and Facebook. I'm still developing a style and figuring out fonts and quotes that other people will like (and not just me!). But, I really enjoy making them!

Food & Drinkies

Seems like I had quite a bit of celebrating to do this month. From Christmassy drinks to birthday celebrations and visits with friends, I had more photos of what I imbibed this month than any month since I started this Insta-project!


Some Monas (+1 Giuseppe the Cat)

The escapades of everyone's favorite Mona!

Fun & Games

My entertainment this month: Game of Thrones Monopoly; everyone's favorite podcast is back (!); Colin Quinn's one man show; paper moustaches; moving one house into the other. Plus one major fail: Springsteen sells out in 10 minutes. 

Best Christmas present ever! Game of Thrones Monopoly #monopoly #gameofthrones #handoftheking @mygingersnaps

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The New York Story! Thanks Dan & Anita 😆 #colinquinn #playbill #nyc

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It's time! #serial #serialpodcast #ohboy

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Makin pizza the easy way tonight! @screaminsicilian #bessiesrevenge #pizza #pointlookoutny

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Best Nine

Everyone was doing it... A Best Nine collage of photos from 2015!

What Insta Missed

  • Filming my aunts as we talk about Brooklyn, the movie
  • Researching the Moveable Mess Gift Guides for him, for her, and for kids 
  • Me having an awesome time sketching on our new iPad Pro
  • Making Christmas cookies with Karen V
  • NYE dinner & board games with Texans and Australians in Queens (thanks Alana!)

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