And We're Off: Traveling Italy, Germany, and headed for Ireland!

So sorry for the lack of updates recently...we've been busy getting ready for today.

Today, Joe and I are on our way to Italy for a few weeks, then to Germany for a few days, and then to Ireland to settle in. This is it!

I hope to update the blog as we go along, but in the meantime, here's our plan:

  • We'll be flying into Milan (because it was cheapest!) and spending one night before heading to Maranello Village.
  • In Maranello: a Ferrari-themed hotel and a couple of Ferrari museums.
  • From there, we'll take a train to Florence and spend three nights.
  • Next, a week in Rome! Hopefully we'll fit in a day trip to Pompeii or Herculaneum while we're in Rome.
  • We'll be finishing Italy in the heel of the boot. We'll take a long train ride to Bari and spend a night. 
  • Either a train or a bus will bring us to Alberobello, where we'll stay in a conical Trullo for a few nights.
  • Then back to Bari for a flight to Munich!
  • A few nights in Munich!
  • Then, we'll take the train to Frankfurt and spend a night before renting a car...
  • to drive to the Nurburgring! We're renting a Clio from RSR to drive around the Ring.
  • Then, a drive to Dusseldorf, where we'll spend a night before taking a flight to Dublin.

We'll be spending three nights in Dublin and then head down to Enniscorthy (as seen in Brooklyn!).  

See you later!