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7 Online Interior Designers To Make Your Home Special (on a Budget!)

There are a whole bunch of sites that offer interior design services. Some are flat-fee, some hourly, some are newer start-ups and some are independent designers offering e-design options. Packages range from simple (choosing paint, accessorizing) to full room re-design with buying options. Just like seemingly every other industry, ID is growing with the internet. You can hire a designer and never have to put on pants! 

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What Do I Do?

Up until a few months ago, I worked in fundraising - in the Development office of one of the largest human services organizations in New York. Nonprofits are interesting places. The mission is wonderful, and every now and then you get to see, organize, or be a part of amazing outcomes. I've heard that the average turnover rate for Development Associates is 2 years. I lasted nearly 3 years. To be cliché, nonprofit employees are underpaid and overworked.

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