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World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies (Whatever's in the Pantry Version)

When I got it in my head that I wanted to make some cookies, I decided I wanted to really go for it. I didn't google the easiest or quickest recipes, but instead found myself in an internet hole of "world's best," "ultimate," "perfect," ultra complex recipes. 

I hit a goldmine when I found Serious Eats' Food Lab article from 2013. The in-depth article explores the science behind the cookie. The author did an incredible amount of work trying to perfect the recipe - maybe too much work. 

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Most Delicious French Onion Soup Recipe

Tomorrow, Joe and I leave NY again for California. We're flying into LAX, driving up the Pacific Coast Highway, and spending a few days in San Francisco with my family. 

Today, I am under the weather, which might have something to do with sandwiching -10 degree Long Island "Feels Like" temps between Floridian and Californian weather. 

Yesterday, it snowed and I made soup!

French Onion Soup is one of the few things I have in my cooking repertoire. I make it pretty damn well if I don't say so myself. It's a straightforward dish - the important part is to caramelize the onions slowly. Also, to use a ton of onions. A bowl of French Onion Soup is the perfect thing on a wintry day!

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Winter Storm Jonas & An Easy Slow Cooker Turkey Chili Recipe

It's not the most snow we've ever seen, but the wind was crazy! The back door was covered up to my chin but the front door had only a few inches. Snowdrifts everywhere. Aside from Joe's shoveling attempt, we didn't emerge from the house at all Saturday. I made a slow cooker turkey chili (see below for recipe) and we enjoyed a cozy fire while watching Flight of The Conchords scenes on the iPad. 

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Family Dinner: Slow Cooker Coq Au Vin Recipe

MLK Weekend brought the first snow of the season! It wasn't much - less than an inch - but it was still exciting given the mild winter we've had so far. 

To celebrate the three-day weekend, Joe and I had his Dad, Stepmom & littlest sister over for dinner! We ended up playing a cutthroat game of Game of Thrones Monopoly that crushed the hopes and dreams of everyone but Joe, who is a tyrannical landlord and aggressive property developer!

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Christmas Butter Cookies Recipe with Karen V

Every year for Christmas, my mom's girlfriend Karen V bakes a bountiful supply of Christmas cookies. Conversely, I am known for poor planning and burning things. So, we visited with Karen this past weekend to eat and talk and laugh and "help" make some yummy butter cookies.  

Even though this December has been sunny and in the 60s, we tried to conjure some Christmas spirit with carols and pizza. It was so fun! And it took all day. Christmas cookies are hard. Luckily, there was a revolving door of generous visitors and colorful helpers, though none as colorful as Karen herself. 

We started the day with egg sandwiches because some of us may have been over-served the night before. And, true to form, everything about this event was a (moveable) mess: 

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Joe's Cooking Corner: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

The world's most handsome man baked the world's most delicious cookies for me the other day. Usually when he cooks or bakes, Joe likes to go way off book: adding maple syrup to almost anything, melted ice cream in place of milk, Refrigerator Surprise. But this time he followed the recipe almost exactly. With the exception of inaccurate measuring, the use of a potato masher, and the addition of orange and cream flavored crunchies to one half of the dough. 

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