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My December 2015 in Instagram!

What a strange December!

It took a while to get into the Christmas spirit this year. Not least of all because of the weather (it was up to 70 degrees some days!). I was debating whether or not I should get a tree this year, since it was just me and Joe here for 95% of the month, but we did end up getting a small, fake tree. I spent so much time making gift guides for him and her and kids for the blog that I barely had time to buy gifts for my list. And I think I listened to Christmas music only like two days this year!

Still, I ended up having a lovely Christmas with the whole family in from San Francisco, Manhattan, and North Carolina. 

Here's what Insta saw in December:

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Joseph's Early Christmas Present: An iPad Pro Review

In preparation for the move, Joe downgraded his computer set-up. A desktop with tower and two monitors is a bit unwieldy for international travel. So, he sold the whole kit and caboodle a couple of months ago and we've been sharing my laptop ever since.  

But last week, he bit the bullet and purchased an iPad Pro. His reasonings for this purchase include:

  • the iPad is a much better travel companion than desktop computer
  • now we won't have to bother one another to get a turn on the laptop
  • the iPad Pro & Apple Pencil combo will enable & motivate Caitlin to get serious about trying freelance graphic design
  • he gets to try out a cool new toy
  • and my favorite: it doubles as a Christmas present!

Since we've been using the thing non-stop now for the better part of a week, Joe has put together some thoughts into a thorough review of the iPad Pro. His thoughts below!

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The 2015 Moveable Mess Gift Guide: 20 Ideas for Kids from Babies to Teens (& Pets too!)

And for my last Gift Guide: 20 Ideas for Kids, Teens & Pets, including:

  • Your friends' new baby who is bound to rule the world
  • Your cousin's toddlers who are not lacking in personality
  • The inbetweener cousins who are still figuring out how cool they are
  • The kids you used to babysit for who are suddenly taller than you and cooler than you
  • Your furry, flighty, or scaly friends or, specifically, Buzz the cat

Also see: Gift Guide for Him & Gift Guide for Her for more inspiration!

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