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Building a Computer and Other Things to do in Florida

Joe and I are back now from our trip to Florida! And this post is a day late (sorry!) because we spent our first day back yesterday doing a double feature (Deadpool & How to Be Single) and some shopping. That's an okay excuse, right?

Florida was really nice. We stayed at Joe's Mom's house (thanks Jeanette & Michael!) and got to see all the local southern Floridian sites.

We also built a computer. Joe helped his brother Hunter pick out the components and, since we extended our stay by two days due to the weather in NY, we were there when the parts arrived. So, Joe got to help Hunter put it all together as well. And I was there to watch - I've never built a computer before, so it was very interesting for me!

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Today is Fat Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, if you will, and we've certainly been feasting while we're here! Tomorrow, Ash Wednesday begins the Lenten season - the fasting season. Lent is when we're meant to prepare ourselves for Easter and abstain from anything unhealthy in our lives. This includes "No Meat Fridays," which contrary to the myth, was not started as a conspiracy with the Pope to bolster the fishing economy. Although, I did find this interesting article from NPR that explains in brief how Christian fasting has affected the fishing industry throughout the centuries - from the first century up to and including the McDonald's Filet-O-Fish! 

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Timeline for Travel: Planning a European Tour Before Moving to Ireland

Last week, I shared the itinerary of our drive up the California coast. Today - to hopefully answer some questions - I wanted to share our general timeline for the move. We're not 100% sure when we'll end up in Ireland. But our plan includes some European traveling before we land at our ultimate destination. 

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