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The Best Alternative Greeting Cards for Birthdays, Weddings, Sympathy & Just Because

Who says letter writing is dead

Email is wonderful, and texting so easy, but nothing beats receiving a note delivered after a few days by a uniformed letter carrier. I love getting mail "just because." And there's a whole world outside of Hallmark! You can find a card for every occasion and every personality. 

Below, I round up the best alternative greeting cards - the Weezers of the world of correspondence, if you will. This list includes cards from the beautiful to the unusual and the snarky to the heartfelt. 

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The 2015 Moveable Mess Gift Guide: 20 Ideas for Kids from Babies to Teens (& Pets too!)

And for my last Gift Guide: 20 Ideas for Kids, Teens & Pets, including:

  • Your friends' new baby who is bound to rule the world
  • Your cousin's toddlers who are not lacking in personality
  • The inbetweener cousins who are still figuring out how cool they are
  • The kids you used to babysit for who are suddenly taller than you and cooler than you
  • Your furry, flighty, or scaly friends or, specifically, Buzz the cat

Also see: Gift Guide for Him & Gift Guide for Her for more inspiration!

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The 2015 Moveable Mess Gift Guide: 20 Ideas For Her

To continue with the gift guides: a Gift Guide for the women you love! Below, find 20 ideas for all the ladies on your list including:

  • your sisters who are living approx. 3000 miles away from one another but are still referred to as a single unit: "the redheads"
  • your aunts who fill more roles for you than anyone originally planned
  • your beautiful cousins who are some of your best friends
  • your childhood friends who can pick up where you left off no matter how long it's been
  • and the new ladies in your life who inspire and encourage you 
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The 2015 Moveable Mess Gift Guide: 20 Ideas For Him

In preparation for the holidays, I wanted to put together a few gift idea lists. Hopefully this will be both inspirational for you and motivational for me. I hate when I drop the ball and have to shop at the mall the week before Christmas...

This week, a Gift Guide for Him! Including gift ideas for:

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