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Timeline for Travel: Planning a European Tour Before Moving to Ireland

Last week, I shared the itinerary of our drive up the California coast. Today - to hopefully answer some questions - I wanted to share our general timeline for the move. We're not 100% sure when we'll end up in Ireland. But our plan includes some European traveling before we land at our ultimate destination. 

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Joe's Car Guide: Five Cars To Buy In Europe That You (mostly) Can't Buy In The United States

Due to rigorous United States motor safety regulations, it's not possible to import a car to the US until it is 25 years old (barring a few exceptions). One of the most fun and exciting parts of moving to Europe for Joe has been all the cars that are available to us in Ireland that haven't been available in the United States.

It turns out that new cars are pretty damn expensive in Ireland. So, we've been focusing on used. We have two options, as Joe sees it: 

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Becoming an Irish Citizen: Part I

There are a lot of steps to becoming an Irish citizen!

I'm hoping to get all the paperwork done before we go. But I've been told it can be quite the process, including numerous trips to the embassy, and arbirtrary document requests. 

I am eligible for citizenship through a grandparent. There are a few ways to be entitled to citizenship through descent, and the Irish government provides this handy dandy chart to see if you qualify:

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