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A Wine Tour of the Long Island Vineyards

I had a super fun weekend. 

As part of a tradition started by my mom and our Point Lookout cousins, 16 crazy ladies and I headed out East to pretend it's still summer. This tradition started as an all-girl fishing trip on the Super Hawk out of Point Lookout in, maybe, 2007 or so that we dubbed Fishin' Chix. But after a few too many ladies turning green, we decided to trade in our sea legs for stemware. 

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The Best Date Ideas on Long Island

Long Island is a lovely place. It has a little of everything: from beaches to breweries, historic homes to Harbor Fest. But it can be difficult to find the gems among the suburban sprawl - anything you want to do is at least a 20 minute drive. It's not easy living in the shadow of the city. It can be just as (if not more) convenient to head into the city to do all the newest things in one place as it can be to find and travel to one great thing on the island. 

Joe and I have done a ton of fun stuff ranging from the totally dorky to relatively hip.. So, I've put together a list of a few of my favorite places for dates on Long Island. We're both from Nassau, so most of our suggestions focus on places in Nassau (sorry to underrepresent you, Suffolk!). And I've included a handy-dandy hipness rating - from the coolness of practical fanny packs at Disney to the coolness of the ironic fanny packs of Williamsburg.

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Oyster Fest 2015

This weekend was the Oyster Festival in Oyster Bay, NY. It was also two of the coldest days since last winter. Gorgeous and sunny, but very chilly. The chill didn't stop the crowds - parking was tough and the food court lines were long. 

Oyster Bay's Oyster Festival has it's roots in a homecoming celebration for President Theodore Roosevelt. Teddy's family summered in Oyster Bay: Sagamore Hill is one of my all-time favorite places. Since then, it has morphed into the East Coast's largest waterfront festival. And it truly is humongous - blocks and blocks of vendors, shows, attractions, food, rides, etc. 

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