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EuroTrip 2016: Visiting Milan, Modena, and Maranello (including a couple of Ferrari Museums!)

We're having an amazing time!

I'm in bed in Florence right now listening to the sounds of people below who party harder than me in languages I do not speak. I'm still struggling with jet lag a bit, and since I can't sleep, I thought I'd give an update on this moving mess. 

Below: our visit to Milan, Ferrari, and a really old church!

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Driving Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca: My First Track Day!

More from our California trip! 

On Day 4, I had my very first track day at one of the nation's most prestigious tracks: Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca! Normally, autocross is done at slow speeds, but this was my first time getting to speeds in excess of 80 mph. And, I've never dealt with other people on the track before - check out the video.

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Joe's Car Guide: Five Cars To Buy In Europe That You (mostly) Can't Buy In The United States

Due to rigorous United States motor safety regulations, it's not possible to import a car to the US until it is 25 years old (barring a few exceptions). One of the most fun and exciting parts of moving to Europe for Joe has been all the cars that are available to us in Ireland that haven't been available in the United States.

It turns out that new cars are pretty damn expensive in Ireland. So, we've been focusing on used. We have two options, as Joe sees it: 

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Better Late Than Never: My 2015 Autocross Season Recap

Twenty Fourteen was my first year with Autocross. I learned to drive stick and I participated in a bunch of local events. I attended a couple national events, but just as a spectator. Twenty Fifteen has been a whole other animal compared to my first season.

This year, while focusing on the Northern New Jersey Region for local events, I travelled to and participated in a number of national events. Venues visited (both national & local events) include:

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