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Joseph's Early Christmas Present: An iPad Pro Review

In preparation for the move, Joe downgraded his computer set-up. A desktop with tower and two monitors is a bit unwieldy for international travel. So, he sold the whole kit and caboodle a couple of months ago and we've been sharing my laptop ever since.  

But last week, he bit the bullet and purchased an iPad Pro. His reasonings for this purchase include:

  • the iPad is a much better travel companion than desktop computer
  • now we won't have to bother one another to get a turn on the laptop
  • the iPad Pro & Apple Pencil combo will enable & motivate Caitlin to get serious about trying freelance graphic design
  • he gets to try out a cool new toy
  • and my favorite: it doubles as a Christmas present!

Since we've been using the thing non-stop now for the better part of a week, Joe has put together some thoughts into a thorough review of the iPad Pro. His thoughts below!

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The 2015 Moveable Mess Gift Guide: 20 Ideas for Kids from Babies to Teens (& Pets too!)

And for my last Gift Guide: 20 Ideas for Kids, Teens & Pets, including:

  • Your friends' new baby who is bound to rule the world
  • Your cousin's toddlers who are not lacking in personality
  • The inbetweener cousins who are still figuring out how cool they are
  • The kids you used to babysit for who are suddenly taller than you and cooler than you
  • Your furry, flighty, or scaly friends or, specifically, Buzz the cat

Also see: Gift Guide for Him & Gift Guide for Her for more inspiration!

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The 2015 Moveable Mess Gift Guide: 20 Ideas For Her

To continue with the gift guides: a Gift Guide for the women you love! Below, find 20 ideas for all the ladies on your list including:

  • your sisters who are living approx. 3000 miles away from one another but are still referred to as a single unit: "the redheads"
  • your aunts who fill more roles for you than anyone originally planned
  • your beautiful cousins who are some of your best friends
  • your childhood friends who can pick up where you left off no matter how long it's been
  • and the new ladies in your life who inspire and encourage you 
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The 2015 Moveable Mess Gift Guide: 20 Ideas For Him

In preparation for the holidays, I wanted to put together a few gift idea lists. Hopefully this will be both inspirational for you and motivational for me. I hate when I drop the ball and have to shop at the mall the week before Christmas...

This week, a Gift Guide for Him! Including gift ideas for:

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Joe's Car Guide: Five Cars To Buy In Europe That You (mostly) Can't Buy In The United States

Due to rigorous United States motor safety regulations, it's not possible to import a car to the US until it is 25 years old (barring a few exceptions). One of the most fun and exciting parts of moving to Europe for Joe has been all the cars that are available to us in Ireland that haven't been available in the United States.

It turns out that new cars are pretty damn expensive in Ireland. So, we've been focusing on used. We have two options, as Joe sees it: 

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