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EuroTrip 2016: Visiting Milan, Modena, and Maranello (including a couple of Ferrari Museums!)

We're having an amazing time!

I'm in bed in Florence right now listening to the sounds of people below who party harder than me in languages I do not speak. I'm still struggling with jet lag a bit, and since I can't sleep, I thought I'd give an update on this moving mess. 

Below: our visit to Milan, Ferrari, and a really old church!

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One Dozen of the Best Shows to Binge Watch

There is too much good TV. So, with winter breaks and spring breaks and Easter breaks and all the breaks coming up, I thought I'd compile a binge-watching list.

At the moment, Joe and I are working our way through X-Files on Netflix. We've never seen it and are hooked. We also recently watched Chelsea Does. Have you watched that? It's a 4-episode docu-series by Chelsea Handler. I'd like to watch The Wire next, since I've never seen that and it's considered some of the best television ever. 

Below: six must-watch comedies to discover or revisit, and six addictive dramas. 

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Building a Computer and Other Things to do in Florida

Joe and I are back now from our trip to Florida! And this post is a day late (sorry!) because we spent our first day back yesterday doing a double feature (Deadpool & How to Be Single) and some shopping. That's an okay excuse, right?

Florida was really nice. We stayed at Joe's Mom's house (thanks Jeanette & Michael!) and got to see all the local southern Floridian sites.

We also built a computer. Joe helped his brother Hunter pick out the components and, since we extended our stay by two days due to the weather in NY, we were there when the parts arrived. So, Joe got to help Hunter put it all together as well. And I was there to watch - I've never built a computer before, so it was very interesting for me!

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